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'Gentle Goodbye'

“When someone dies we don't suddenly stop caring.

We have gentle guides who can either care for your relative on your behalf or support you in lovingly honouring your relative shortly after death ”

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What is 'Gentle Goodbye'?

A 'Gentle Goodbye' involves caring for the person who has died in a loving way with the support of one of our 'Gentle Goodbye Guides' before they are moved.

This gives you time with the person in a supported way to continue your love and care for your relative after they have died. This can help process what has happened, along with knowing you have given them the best care. 

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You will be supported and guided to help in the gentle (and not intimate) washing of your relative using sacred essential oils, anointing with oils and then dressing in whatever clothes you would like or alternatively they can be wrapped in some beautiful material. 

This can be a beautiful and profound experience that can help with how you process the grief.

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What are the benefits of a 'Gentle Goodbye'?

A direct cremation has many benefits however, it can be quite a detached process for some. When families help to gently care for the person that has died it gives them a chance to say their goodbyes, to love and honour the body that housed that person, time to process what has happened and all with the support of one of our professionally 'Gentle Goodbye' guides. Essential oils are used, along with flowers and music, creating a space for a loving goodbye for you and your family. 

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Cost 'The Loving Stag' 

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TOTAL COST £1,848*

This includes: 

The guide will initially call you to discuss your needs and when needed they will come to the place where the person who has died is. They will spend time talking with you, gently explaining the process and preparing you, answering any questions you may have, reassuring you all the way through, when you are ready they will support you in caring for your relative, please don't worry, this is not as intimate as you may imagine but rather a gentle washing using water and sacred essential oils, anointing with oils and dressing them, helping you to create whatever ritual or ceremony you may need to honour the person who has died. ​

This process can take many hours and they will only leave you when you are ready for them to. 

*For support between 8am and 6pm. 

6pm-8am cost is £2,348

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