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Whether you want an informal get together or perhaps, a more traditional funeral style of memorial service, Stag Direct Cremations will help you

As part of 'The Honouring Stag' & 'The Noble Stag' 

you will be put in touch with one of our trusted celebrants that will suit your needs. 

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What is a funeral celebrant?

A funeral celebrant is someone who is trained to:

1. Write a celebration of life or a funeral ceremony.

2. Lead the ceremony, speaking on behalf of you and your family.

3. Understand the grief journey you are on and be sympathetic to your needs.

4. Work closely with you to create a ceremony that supports you and your family's needs, wishes and beliefs.

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Why do I need a funeral celebrant?

You don't! You can organise and lead the entire day yourself.

However, for many people, public speaking can be quite daunting especially when they are already feeling vulnerable in their grief. A funeral celebrant will be able to write as well as  lead the ceremony confidently leaving you free to fully engage with the day along with your family and friends.

Even if you are having a fairly relaxed celebration of life ceremony a good funeral celebrant can be invaluable in supporting you to create something that's extra special. They can act as the host, again freeing you to be fully present with the day without worrying. They can make the day feel all that more special and have a wealth of ideas and experience to help create something that is truly special. 

How it works

1. Once you have booked either 'The Honouring Stag' or 'The Noble Stag' one of our trained guides will call you to discuss your needs in order to assess which celebrant might suit you best.

2. Your details will then be passed onto the chosen celebrant who will contact you within 24 hours. 

3. From there you can decide between you when would be a suitable time for the celebrant to come and visit you to talk about the ceremony. 

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Q. What if I don't 'gel' with the celebrant? 

A. Finding the right celebrant for you is the most important outcome for us. 

It can take a few meetings with different celebrants before you find the celebrant that you know feels just right for you and your family. 

If you don't feel comfortable with a celebrant then please call us and we will find someone else more suitable.

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Q. What if I don't want a formal service? 

A. A celebrant can be as flexible to your needs as you wish them to be, so if you want to go for a country walk where you scatter the ashes as you go or maybe a beach picnic where the ashes are scattered at sea the funeral celebrant can help make the day extra special and memorable. 

Q. Do I need the ashes in order to have a memorial or celebration of life ceremony?

A. Absolutely not! 

You can have the ceremony on the same day that the cremation takes place if you wish, many people create a focal point using a photo or a collection of things that represent the person who has died. 

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Q. Where can I have a celebration or memorial ceremony? 

A. Pretty much anywhere you like just as long as you have the landowners permission. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Wedding venue - these can be cheaper during the week.

  • Village hall.

  • Home & garden - some people hire a marquee.

  • Beach

  • Private function room.

  • Walking in the countryside.

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Finally ...

Always remember, respect and honour come from the intention we hold with every little act we do for someone, the love we hold, the time we give. Respect doesn't come from how much we spend on someone we love,..

The simplest of ceremonies can often be the most powerful. 

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